Michael Costanzo



About me

Hey! My name’s Michael Costanzo and I’m a digital marketing, search and SEO specialist based in London, UK. I come from the land of kangaroos and budgie smugglers, where I was director of my own digital marketing, creative and web design agency for over 5 years. In 2015, I decided it was time for a change of pace and flew half way across the world and leave the beach and beautiful weather to work on my tan under the beautiful grey skies of London, where I now plan and create digital content and campaigns for some of the biggest brands on the planet (and it’s awesome!).

I’m also working on a massive personal project that combines my love and passion of music and my knowledge of the digital space to create something awesome for the masses – all shall be revealed soon.

Oh yeah… I also built this funky SERP metadata preview tool as well!

With love and liquor,

- Michael Costanzo


Get in touch with me

My carrier pidgeon retired back in 2011, but you can reach me by sending an email at..

me (at) michaelcostanzo.com